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My New Fan Site Debuts

  Today my modeling career shifts into high gear. I began this journey only a few

weeks ago with my first Great Model Search photo shoot and now I’m working hard

to learn this new craft and find lots of new friends. So today I’m doing something

just for you by debuting my new fan site on the GMS Photoblog. Welcome. I have

created this space for you so you can see and enjoy more of my work without

the censorship that we experience so often on virtually all conventional social

media sites.

   Here, on my own fan site I am free to post whatever photos i like, and that I

think you will like. Access to my fan site, all its interactive features and my public

photo gallery will always be FREE. You are welcome to visit as often as you like

and I encourage you to come back often as I will be adding content on a regular


   You are also welcome to interact with me and I’ve made it easy to do that. You

can of course write to me via email but you  an also leave a comment on any of

my photos in my public gallery.

   You can also chat with me in my own chat room and even leave a voicemail message

for me. I try to return as many of my messages as possible.In the near future you will

be able to enter contests on my fan site and you just could win prizes ranging from

prints, to a chance to be a guest at one of my photo shoots.

   So please visit often, its always free to visit my fan site but please do register. That

too is FREE and I will never share your information or sell it to anyone.